Dave Defourneaux

St. Petersburg, FL · (720) 252-8054 · dave.defourneaux@gmail.com

Responsible, mature, and reliable professional with a well-rounded skill set and experience in a variety of fields. Natural leader with extensive management and supervisory background. Detailed, methodical, highly organized and driven by efficiency. Adept at standardizing and formalizing processes and solving problems. Team player that also functions well autonomously when needed and understands the importance of communication. Creative, curious and intelligent worker that can grasp overall objectives and quickly master new concepts.

Tech Experience

Software Engineer

Mid-Atlantic Finance
Clearwater, FL

Team contributor and collaborator on a variety of software projects used for finacial analysis in the Automotive Lending industry. Create and maintain software in .NET evironment using C#, Blazor, and ASP.NET. Accomplish project management through Azure DevOps.

June 2022 - Present

Software Developer

Hive Outdoor Living
Tampa, FL

Contributed to a custom database solution for construction project management utilizing FileMaker Pro. Created and maintained tables and relationships, designed and maintained user interfaces, and wrote scripts to query and extract data. Instrumental in creating and maintaining standards for naming conventions, asset organization, and UI/UX style consistency throughout the application. Consistently implemented project management strategies, and led and participated in daily meetings, storyboard reviews, and goal setting. Tested and communicated ideas, established goal milestones, responded to user feedback, fixed bugs, and implemented improvements to assist in the overall deployment and packaging strategy for the application.

September 2021 - April 2022

Web Developer - Intern

Prosper IT Consulting
Remote (Portland, OR)

Participated in a team development project from a fully remote environment on a project that was managed using Agile/Scrum methodologies and organized as a two-week sprint with an initial planning meeting, daily stand-ups, a sprint review, ending with a code retrospective. The project was an interactive website for managing the content and productions for a stage theatre company and was built using .NET MVC and Entity Framework with a Code-first approach. Project management was accomplished through Azure DevOps and utilized boards and user stories, which were both chosen and assigned, submitted for periodic review, and ultimately merged to the main branch of a Git repository. Extensively utilized Git version control both from the IDE and from the command line and wrote code in HTML, CSS, C#, and JavaScript.

March 2021

Technical Support Representative

Sun Microsystems
Broomfield, CO

Created, routed, tracked, and helped resolve service tickets for mission-critical client operations. Worked in Unix-based environment using Sun Solaris OS and received training and certification as a Unix System Administrator. Created shell scripts and batch files to automate large tasks. Communicated with team via chat tool and was instrumental in creating standardized notation.

March 2000 - October 2001

Systems Administrator

Libraries Unlimited
Denver, CO

Single-person IT department for small publishing company. Managed all hardware and software aspects of Windows NT network for 15-20 workstations, 3 servers, and remote connections to a satellite office. Created custom MS Access database application for internal use including table management, user interfaces, and documentation for use, maintenance, and version control.

June 1998 - March 2000

Computer Operator

Colorado Foundation for Medical Care
Aurora, CO

Performed nightly backups of all servers using multiple terminals and command-line interface. Recorded and reported errors, and managed archives.

March 1997 - June 1998

Other Experience

Customer Service Professional

AnswerFirst Communications
Tampa, FL

Answered incoming client calls for high volume call center from remote environment, collected and verified information, dispatched service calls, set appointments, processed orders, and relayed messages while providing professional customer service and effectively communicating with remote team members and staff.

September 2020 - September 2021

Bicycle Mechanic

The Bike Room; ABC Bicycles
St.Petersburg, FL

Repaired customer bicycles, built new bicycles for showroom floor, managed service queue, wrote repair tickets, answered phones, communicated with management team, and assisted customers.

February 2016 - September 2020

Aviation Professional

McAir Aviation; Skywest Airlines; Republic Airlines
US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas

Flight School Front Desk --> Fleet Manager --> Flight Instructor --> Airport Ramp Agent --> Airline Operations Agent
--> First Officer Pilot --> Captain (Embraer-195)

December 2001 - May 2015

Retail Manager

Disc Jockey Records; Best Buy
Evansville, IN; Denver, CO

Led teams of employees in all aspects of daily retail operations: HR, Cash management and banking, inventory control, ordering, shipping and recieving, and employee motivation.

February 1993 - March 1997


The Tech Academy

Software Development Certificate
Computer Basics - Software Development Overview - Version Control - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - Databases - SQL - IDEs - C#/.NET - Project Management - Interactive Team Projects
2020 - 2021

Westwood College

AA - Computer Science
Computer Basics - Electronics Fundamentals - Computer Hardware - Typing - Math Operations - Programming Concepts - C++ - Operating Systems - Computer Networks
1997 - 1998

Colorado State University

Bachelor of Science Degree
1986 - 1991


Programming Languages
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Bootstrap
  • Blazor
  • Unity
  • SQL Server
  • FileMaker Pro
  • MS Access
  • Visual Studio
  • VS Code
  • Notepad++
  • Unity Editor
  • Chrome DevTools
  • Diagrams.net
  • Photoshop/GIMP
  • Git/Github
Project Management
  • Kanban boards
  • Azure DevOps
  • Agile/Scrum Project Management


Aside from my professional pursuits, I enjoy a wide variety of activities. I love the outdoors and enjoy bicycling, kayaking, and spending time on the beautiful beaches of Florida. I am passionate about art and music and spend a lot of my spare time playing guitar and regularly attend live music events and visit museums. I've been a photographer since I was a child, growing up with a darkroom in the basement, and though I moved on from film many years ago, I still enjoy shooting digital photography. I'm an avid traveler and enjoy getting out of town when I can. Some of my favorite places that I've visited are London, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, New York City, Washington DC, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Florida Keys. I also enjoy quiet evenings at home cooking, reading, playing games, and watching shows and movies.